• Torremaciel
  • Marqués de Carabás
  • GR 1129

Collage foto vendimia 2

We started the grape collect 2014 in Torremaciel. Over the next few weeks we will be in the cellar working hard to produce wines of the highest quality DOCa Rioja

After several samples in a vineyard walk, conducted over the past weeks, we have reached that the grape quality is good to start the process. And what are our parameters necessary to authorize a vineyard harvest? The factors we are looking to authorize the grape collect are mature, degree to sugar, pH and others like the color.
Keep in mind that in more than 70 hectares of vineyard that we have, not all vineyards have a vegetative cycle at the same level of progress. Depending of the orientation of the plot, and especially the variety of grapes ripen earlier or later. Now, for example, which we have authorize for the harvest, several parcels of Tempranillo. Once we finish with them, we will see the status of other vintage authorizing new plots or give them more time.
Finally let you know that we use a mixed harvest, in some plots of old plants and excellent climatic and hygienic behavior, are harvested by hand. Other parcels have a grape mechanized collection, which only takes ripe grape cluster in the collectin process.