• Torremaciel
  • Marqués de Carabás
  • GR 1129
We produce wine with dedication and a non-conformist attitude

The production of the wines depends on many factors. Some of them are out of our control. That's what's great about the art of wine-making, although the style and technique may be the same, the wine is always different. We could even say, with confidence, that wine is a living thing.

Production starts in the vineyard

Vines careAt Torremaciel, our wine production starts on the vine, as our ancestors taught us, starting the very day we harvest the grapes, to prepare the same vines for the next season.

We treat the clusters with great care

VineyardThe clusters are transported to the winery in as short a time as possible thanks to this being integrated into the vineyards. As a result of our harvesting process by section , we can harvest each cluster at its optimum ripeness which allows us to achieve an unbeatable raw product and consequently, a wine of maximum quality. Throughout the process maximum respect is paid to the environment.