• Torremaciel
  • Marqués de Carabás
  • GR 1129
This is when the wines develop all their potential

2,000 barrels to achieve the best wine

Oak barrelsWith a barrel room with around 2,000 units, we are able to give our wines that extra special touch that only oak can provide. The barrels we use on the premises come from our trusted barrel suppliers. The barrels we use for production are made of American and French oak.

We extend the ageing periods

Access to oak barrelsThe amount of time for which we keep our wines in the barrel is always greater than the established time. This is how we obtain wines of the best possible quality without skimping on the time required to achieve it.

The last step to reach our goal

Bottles of wineOnce the barrel period is finished, the wine is bottled so it can rest for the necessary amount of time while it rounds off, and thus become a great wine capable of delighting those who drink it.