• Torremaciel
  • Marqués de Carabás
  • GR 1129

The best care possible

Torreamciel Vineyards

The entire wine production process is marked by the quality of the grape we have available to start with. For this reason, we spare no resources in ensuring that our vineyards receive the best possible care and attention.

For complete control of all the winery's plots we have an agriculture department which is made up of an agricultural engineer and four workers with extensive experience, true vineyard masters.

Our vineyards

La Abuela Saturnina

The only estate that is separate from the Winery. At a distance of around 4km in the Inestral district, next to the gentle slope from the top of the Portón. An estate with old vines that produce a very expressive, full Garnacha.
Surface area: 5 Hectares
Varieties: Garnacha
Average Age: Over 35 years


La Casilla

Situated next to the banks of the Cidacos river, the soil of this estate receives extra moisture producing Graciano grapes with a very interesting fruitiness and intensity.
Surface: 9 Hectares
Varieties: Graciano                                                                                            
Average Age: Over 25 years


El Hondo

Favoured by the residual moisture left by the Yasa del Aceguilla in the subsoil. Generous, interesting Graciano grapes are obtained.
Surface: 5 Hectares
Varieties: Graciano
Average Age: Over 27 years


Los Sectores

Extensive Tempranillo plot which surprises every year with compact clusters that produce a fruity wine reminiscent of forest fruits.
Surface: 17 Hectares
Varieties: Tempranillo
Average Age: Over 25 years


Mazuela Somera / Bajera

Two estates of 2 Hectares each. Situated in two high spots on each side of the Yasa del Aceguilla, they have the same soil characteristics, the soil being clayey and moist. These estates produce Carignan grapes with intense colour and high in tannins.
Surface: 4 Hectares
Varieties: Carignan
Average Age: Over 25 years


Las Francesas

An estate with considerable presence of pebbles which facilitate the temperature regulation of the soil and help the vines to give the bunches the necessary nutrients. This estate produces structured Carignan and Graciano grapes with intense colour.
Surface: 6 Hectares
Varieties: Graciano (3 Hectares), Carignan (3 Hectares)
Average Age: Over 27 years


Los Ochos

Soil with a small amount of pebbles allowing better regulation of temperature for the vine and of water for the roots, thus producing generous, well-structured Tempranillo grapes.
Surface: 14 Hectares
Varieties: Tempranillo
Average Age Over 27 years



Very full Tempranillo grapes as a result of the prevalence of pebbles in the soil. The vines of this vineyard have not suffered much water shortage so this variety is very well-structured with compact clusters.
Surface: 4 Hectares
Varieties: Tempranillo
Average Age: Over 15 years


Las Mugas

An estate with the Macabeo white grape variety. It runs alongside the Yasa del Aceguilla so the soil provides the vines with enriching moisture.
Surface: 4 Hectares
Varieties: Macabeo
Average Age: 2 years



This is our only gobelet-trained vine. Formed by old vines planted in the traditional style. They are harvested manually selecting the best clusters.
Surface: 2 Hectares
Varieties: Garnacha
Average Age: Over 30 years