• Torremaciel
  • Marqués de Carabás
  • GR 1129

The grape as a structural pillar of the project

A winery integrated into the vineyard

Winery and vineyadrs

True to the company's belief that the wine-making process starts in the vineyard, Torremaciel was createdto bring the winery closer to the vineyard by integrating the two. Furthermore, an unbeatable location was chosen for the project, on the banks of two rivers, the Ebro and the Cidacos river.

Practically all of the 70 hectares of our own vineyards used to produce our wines surround the winery. In this way we ensure that the grapes suffer as little as possible between when they are harvested and when they reach the fermentation tanks.

A stop along the way


Next to the winery is a pond surrounded by abundant aquatic vegetation. Thanks to this pond, it's not unusual to find a large variety of migratory birds each year stopping over in Torremaciel.

Nonetheless, we mustn't forget the diverse native fauna that occupies the area on a permanent basis.