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collage Guiyang 2014We returned from the 4th International Fair of Guizhou (China) where we have been with our wines from Rioja. We tell you our impressions of the Asian market in wine and Rioja wine.

After a week away we can say that the trade balance has been positive. We met local people who have been delighted with the wine have had the chance to try. Besides meeting new people we could match up with old friends who have not lost the chance to taste our wines.

I have to say that the impression we bring is that the Chinese market is a market that is still maturing. It still has a long road ahead but of course that the way is correct as it is about creating a culture very interesting of wine. Hopefully if this continues as the average the chinese consumer will soon have a level of expertise as consumers elsewhere in the world.

Another important point is that these international fairs can see how the market is changing and how changes from the perspective of producers and consumers. So I can personally say that while I think good wine can be made in almost all places, the price-quality ratio Rioja is still probably the best in the world. You can not forget that the production constraints of grapes per hectare and a tradition of developing the world's oldest, La Rioja is not targeted to the exorbitant prices of other production regions which makes us definitely a choice of quality, safe and reliable.